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Magnesium Alloy Sacrificial Anode
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Magnesium-manganese Alloy Sacrificial Anode
Magnesium-manganese Alloy Sacrificial Anode

Magnesium-manganese Alloy Sacrificial Anode

  镁合金阳极电位负,单位质量发生电量大,是理想的牺牲阳极材料。适用于土壤、淡水及海水等介质中的金属构筑物的阴极保护。  ......



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  镁合金牺牲阳极按国标 GB/T17731-2004《镁合金牺牲阳极》生产,用于管道的阳极同时符合 SY/T0019-97 《埋地钢质管道牺牲阳极阴极保护设计规范》。高电位镁阳极使用优质高纯镁生产,产品符合 ASTM97-98 标准 . 采用特定的工艺,阳极 具有极好的电化学性能 . 在阴极保护过程中,阳极消耗均匀,因此有更长的使用寿命。在实际的使用过程中,实际测量工作电位介于 –1.8v 到 -1.85v 之间,因此对目标结构能够提供有效的保护。在电阻率大于 8000ohm.cm 的土壤中建议使用高电位镁阳极 。


  Sacrifice anode assembly is our company's single sacrifice in the past in order to meet the construction requirements of high rhythm and high efficiency.

  On the basis of the anode, a new concept of anode product is supplemented by a set of assemblies. Make customer construction more convenient, time-saving, and better meet customer needs.

  Usage: Mainly used for oil and gas transportation in underground and freshwater, anti-corrosion protection of pipelines, underground cables, chemical industry, communications, harbors, ships, reservoir gates and other projects. For example, oil and gas pipelines, tanks, hot water exchangers, condensers, etc. We can produce high potential and low potential magnesium anodes. Our products are made of high quality raw materials, in line with national standards, and strive to achieve the international leading quality of products, which is very good at home.

  Specification: 2kg, 4kg, 8kg, 11kg, 14kg, 22kg

  Note: Magnesium alloy sacrificial anode rods can be divided into hexagonal and circular shapes with three optional components: Mg, Mg-Mn and Mg-Al-Zn.

  2.3 Sacrifice Anodes for Port Facilities and Marine Engineering

  Magnesium strip anode

  Standard: GB/T17731-1999

  Usage: Mainly used in high resistivity environment, protection of pipeline in casing, temporary cathodic protection of pipeline, protection of storage tank and pipeline network, and grounding grid against strong electric interference. 9.5 x 19 mm

  High potential magnesium anode is produced with high quality and high purity magnesium. The product meets ASTM97-98 standard. The anode has excellent electrochemical performance by using specific process. In the cathodic protection process, the anode consumes uniformly, so it has longer service life. In the actual use process, the actual measured working potential is between - 1.8V and - 1.85v, so it can provide effective protection for the target structure.

  It is suggested to use high potential magnesium anode in soil with resistivity greater than 8000 ohm.cm.

  Magnesium alloy sacrificial anode assembly

  Sacrifice anode assembly is a new concept anode product of our company, which is based on the previous single sacrificial anode and supplemented by a set of assemblies in order to meet the construction requirements of high rhythm and high efficiency. Make customer construction more convenient, time-saving, and better meet customer needs.

  Component configuration:

  Any model sacrifices one anode.

  One cable conductor: welded on sacrificial anode according to customer design requirements, length and specifications, and proportioned with epoxy resin and dibutyl ester

  Seal with glass filament or polyvinyl chloride heat-shrinkable sleeve.

  One pack of special packing.

  A set of thermite flux.

  One anode bag.

  Product Type: Magnesium alloy sacrificial anode (Magnesium alloy sacrificial anode) of MgAZ63 {SPACE} {SPACE} Magnesium alloy provides cathodic current from magnesium alloy anode material body to protected body such as steel structure through electrolytes such as soil and water, so as to cathodicize the protected steel structure and realize cathodic protection. With the continuous flow of electric current, the anode material is constantly consumed. This is the origin of the name of sacrificial anode. A complete set of magnesium sacrificial anodes consists of a magnesium sacrificial anode ingot, a VV-10_2 cable, 3 meters, 50 kg of packing material, one cotton bag and one plastic woven bag. That is to say, there is a magnesium sacrificial anode ingot in the pocket of cotton cloth. One VV-10_2 cable is welded on its iron core at 3 meters and one cable is insulated at the welding place, and a heat shrinkable tube is sheathed. The 50 kg packing material is evenly distributed around the magnesium sacrificial anode ingot. Cotton pocket jacket plastic woven bag 1. Magnesium sacrificial anode is suitable for cathodic protection of steel facilities working in soil, fresh water and seawater.

  The above magnesium alloy sacrificial anodes can also be assembled and provided to customers. The bare anode is first connected with the cable, and the connecting part is sealed with epoxy resin. Then the filler is packed in a cotton bag.

  In line with the concept of environmental protection, our products are recyclable or easily decomposed by the environment. It does not contain toxic and harmful substances.

  Commonly used cable insulation/sheath types are: PVC/PVC, XLPE/PVC, HMWPE.

  Cable specifications are: 6 square millimeters, 10 square millimeters and 16 square millimeters.

  The composition of the filler is as follows:

  Gypsum powder: 75%, bentonite: 20%.

  Anhydrous sodium sulfate: 5%. Stir well in the mixing tank.

  The quality index of assembled magnesium anode is as follows:

  Cable connection resistance: less than 0.001 Ohm

  Cable connection strength: more than 5 times the weight of the assembled anode.


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